Can Fixed Frequency Air Conditioners be Added with R410a?

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R410A fixed frequency air conditioner plus fluoride needs to be fully discharged and vacuumed and Freon added or directly added.

R410A mixed refrigerant is a mixture composed of R32 (difluoromethane) and R125 (pentafluoro) according to certain regulations. The evaporation points of these two types are different. Therefore, if the air-conditioning pressure is lower than 1/3 of the normal pressure, and the ratio of the two refrigerants is too large, all of them must be released, and freon is added to the vacuum again.

Benefits of Replacing R22 Refrigerant

1. R410A is low toxicity, R22 is slightly toxic, and it will be more secure in terms of safety in use.

2. For environmental hazards, the ozone layer destruction coefficient of R410A is 0, and the ozone layer destruction coefficient of R22 is 0.05. Therefore, R410A refrigerant is more environmentally friendly.

3. When using R410A, the total heat transfer characteristic of the system is larger than that of R22. Therefore, the system efficiency can be improved, the heat transfer area of ​​the heat exchanger can be reduced, the air conditioner can be used more smoothly, and the probability of failure will be much smaller.

In later use, it is mainly added according to the refrigerant type on the air conditioner. Do not add it randomly, which will cause damage to the air conditioner and personal danger. Of course, the research and development of air-conditioning refrigerants in the later stage will continue, and there will be better alternative products to replace them. At present, R410A refrigerant is the mainstream of future development, and the market prospect will be bigger and bigger.

Can air conditioner refrigerant r410a be replaced by r22?

To be honest, it is possible, and now air conditioner repairers do it like this. But it is not recommended to replace. R22 is generally used in fixed-frequency air conditioners, and R410a is used in inverter air conditioners. R410a is still mixed, and if it is directly replaced, it will have a great impact on the compressor. And the R410 is a bit more expensive.


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