Characteristics and Application of R502 and R507 Refrigerants

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Today, I would like to introduce the relevant content of R502 refrigerant and R507 refrigerant.

The characteristics and application of R502 refrigerant

1. R502 refrigerant is a low-temperature refrigerant with excellent refrigeration performance such as high refrigeration capacity and fast refrigeration speed.

2. R502 refrigerant is mainly used as a refrigerant for low-temperature working conditions such as refrigerators and low-temperature refrigeration compressors.

3. R502 refrigerant is a mixed refrigerant, which is mixed in proportion to R125 refrigerant and R143 refrigerant. It is an environmentally friendly refrigerant that does not damage the ozone layer and is often used in commercial refrigeration systems at medium and low temperatures.

4. The molecular weight of R502 refrigerant is 111.6, its molar mass is 111.6g/mol, its critical temperature is 80°C, its critical pressure is 3.9MPa, its critical density is 0.5668g/cm3, and its boiling point is -45.6°C.

Characteristics and Application of R507 Refrigerant

1. Like R404A refrigerant, R507 refrigerant is also used to replace R502 refrigerant, but R507 reaches a lower temperature than 404A. Among them, R125 accounts for 41.184%, and R143A accounts for 58.816%.

2. R507 refrigerant is more suitable for low-temperature new commercial refrigeration equipment, quality assurance equipment, mobile refrigeration equipment, and marine refrigeration equipment, etc. R507 can be used in all refrigeration environments where R502 is applicable. In addition, R507 can also be used as a foam-blowing agent to replace R12.

3. R507 refrigerant, also known as HFC-507, has a molecular weight of 99, a standard boiling point of -46.8°C, and a critical temperature of 71°C.

4. The critical pressure of R507 refrigerant is 3.7MPa (absolute pressure), and the critical density is 0.488g/cm3.

5. Its CAS number is 354-33-6/420-46-2, its ozone destruction potential is 0 at ODP, and its global warming coefficient GWP is 3985.


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