Difference Between MAPP Gas and MAPP Pro

mapp gas

Both MAPP gas and MAPP Pro gas are important fuels. The main difference between MAPP gas and MAPP Pro gas is that MAPP gas consists mainly of methylacetylene, propadiene and propane molecules whereas MAPP Pro gas contains only propylene and propane.

Due to the high flame temperature of this gas in the presence of oxygen, MAPP gas is mainly used for heating, welding, brazing and welding. In addition, MAPP gas has the advantage of not requiring dilution or special container filling during transport, which allows us to transport large quantities of this gas for the same given weight. In addition, this gas is safe to use.

Whether in gaseous or liquid state, MAPP gas is colorless.

MAPP Pro is a fuel gas consisting only of propylene and propane. It contains about 99.5% propylene and 0.5% propane. Similar to MAPP gas, this fuel gas is colorless, has a “hydrocarbon” odor, is sparingly soluble in water, and is extremely flammable.

MAPP Pro gas burns at 3,730 degrees Fahrenheit, while propane burns at 3,600 F. Because it heats copper to higher temperatures faster, MAPP Pro gas is an excellent alternative to propane for soldering.


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