FAQs about r600a Refrigerant

faqs about r600a refrigerant

1. What is refrigerant R600a?

Refrigerant R600a is a new type of hydrocarbon refrigerant with excellent performance, which is derived from natural ingredients, does not damage the ozone layer, has no greenhouse effect, and is environmentally friendly. It is characterized by large latent heat of evaporation, strong cooling capacity, good flow performance, low conveying pressure, low power consumption, and slow load temperature recovery. Compatible with various compressor oils. It is a colorless gas at room temperature and a colorless transparent liquid under its own pressure. It is mainly used as an ultra-low temperature refrigerant, and the refrigeration system composed of R22 is used for the ultra-low temperature refrigeration device of -80~-120℃. It is also used as a foaming agent for foamed plastics, and as a refrigerant to replace R12.

2. How much r600a refrigerant should be added to the refrigerator?

The normal pressure of the refrigerator when adding refrigerant depends on:

  1. The refrigerant type of the refrigerator is about 0.08Mpa for R12, about 0.01Mpa for R134a, and about -0.01Mpa for R600.
  2. The ambient temperature is summer or winter. The pressure is higher in summer and lower in winter.
  3. At the same time, it is necessary to comprehensively judge the refrigeration condition of the refrigerator and the heating condition of the air return pipe.

3. What is the difference between refrigerant r600a and r134a?

R134a is tetrafluoroethane. The water solubility of this refrigerant is relatively high, so it is not very good for refrigeration systems. Moreover, under the action of lubricating oil, this refrigerant will produce acid, carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide, which will corrode metals. Therefore, R134a has relatively high requirements on drying and cleaning of the system.

R600a is isobutane, which is slightly soluble in water and has good compatibility with most metals such as stainless steel, copper aluminum and carbon steel.

4. Can r600a refrigerant be replaced by R22?

First of all, the types of refrigeration oil corresponding to these two refrigerants are completely different. Secondly, R600a is mostly used in low-temperature refrigeration appliances, such as refrigerators, while R22 is mostly used in some refrigeration appliances such as air conditioners. After replacing R600a with R22, the cooling effect of the refrigeration appliance will be greatly reduced. If it is necessary to replace it, all the original refrigeration oil in the refrigeration system pipeline should be drained, replaced with mineral oil, and then vacuumed again. When adding R22, it is necessary to adjust the appropriate refrigerant filling amount.

5. Does the refrigerant R600a pollute the environment?

Among all kinds of natural refrigerants, high-purity hydrocarbons (abbreviated as HC) are one of the varieties that the experts in the world pay the most attention to. At present, more than 90% of refrigerators in Germany and Europe use R600a, and other countries in the world are gradually expanding the use of R600a refrigerant. At present, most refrigerators in China already use R600a refrigerant.

6. What is the price of r600a refrigerant?

Different regions have different prices. For the price of R600a refrigerant, please send your inquiry:


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