Fonsum Refrigerant Attend the 4th Local Refrigeration Exhibition

Fonsum Refrigerant Attend The 4th Local Refrigeration Exhibition

Cool air breezes in golden autumn, orchid fragrance blossoms in October, and ten thousand merchants gathered in Zhuangzi’s hometown, sharing refrigeration developments.

In the three-day expo with the theme of “cooperation, innovation and win-win”, an exhibition area of more than 30,000 square meters, many well-known enterprises participated.

Combining the local industry advantage, the decision-makers of Minquan county weigh the situation and introduced a battery of preferential policies to promote the development of Minquan’s refrigeration business.

The settlement of Fonsum in Minquan has been highly valued by provincial and municipal leaders.
The leading comrades of county party secretary Ji matching, provincial CPPCC vice-chairman comrade Li Yingjie, party secretary comrade Wang Zhanying and other leaders, come to visit the booth.

With the improvement in people’s living levels, the potential market for the refrigeration industry is enormous, which provides new opportunities for us. Provincial, municipal and county leaders attach great values and will continue to support us to make a contribution to the refrigeration development of Minquan local commercial.

The company’s main products include several green refrigerants used on air conditioning refrigerators like R404A, R134A, R410, etc.

In the exhibition’s opening scene, Fonsum has been widely introduced and greatly recognized. After the opening ceremony, Wang Ansheng, General Manager of Fonsum, attended the commencement ceremony of key projects in Minquan Town, which means the beginning of the combination between Fonsum and Minquan local town, standing the base station of the Chinese refrigeration industry to participate in the refrigerant competition domestically and internationally.


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