Introduction of R600a Refrigerant

Introduction of R600a Refrigerant

R600a refrigerant is also known as R-600a refrigerant, Chinese name isobutane, generally used in refrigerator refrigerators, is the working fluid to complete the refrigeration, so it is also called refrigerator refrigerant R600a. The following is a detailed introduction to the R600a refrigerant, welcome to read.

R600a refrigerant properties

R600a is a hydrocarbon refrigerant – no damage to the ozone layer at all, and the greenhouse effect is very small. R600a is flammable and should be stored away from fire, heat sources, and direct sunlight.

R-600a is the most environmentally friendly refrigerant from an environmental point of view. Almost all countries have no restrictions on the initial installation of R600a refrigerant on new refrigeration equipment and the use of after-sales maintenance.

R600a refrigerant application

R-600a is mainly used to replace R12 and R134a refrigerants in refrigerators, freezers, and other small refrigeration equipment. Because R600a is flammable, it is usually only used in low-temperature refrigeration equipment with less liquid filling and is also commonly used as a component of mixed refrigerants. R600a is compatible with conventional lubricants.

Physical and chemical properties of R600a

  • Boiling point (1atm): -11.7℃
  • Ozone Destruction Potential (ODP): 0
  • Saturated vapor pressure (25℃): 0.352MPa
  • Global Warming Potential (GWP, 100 yr): 20
  • Critical temperature: 134.7℃
  • Burning degree: flammable
  • Critical pressure: 3.64MPa
  • ASHRAE Security Level: A3

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