Method of Adding Refrigerant (R600a) to Refrigerator

What is the difference between R134a and R600a

The power of the refrigerator is very small, the refrigeration system is closed, and it is not easy to fail. Under normal circumstances, there is no refrigeration, and most of the reasons are the lack of refrigerant. Today’s refrigerators generally use the fluorine-free hydrocarbon refrigerant R600A. In the whole process of refrigerator maintenance, the most important thing is how to accurately charge the refrigerant. This is a critical step that affects compressor life.

There are several ways to charge the refrigerator with refrigerant:

1. Quantitatively add refrigerant

The quantitative filling method is relatively simple. It is to use a special quantitative dosing device to fill the R600A agent according to the filling amount specified on the nameplate of the refrigerator.

2. Add refrigerant by observation method

The observation method can be summarized as “two-seeing and three-touching”. After an hour in the refrigerator:

a. Look at the pressure gauge. The low pressure in summer is generally controlled at 0.05 MPa-0.07 MPa, and in winter it is controlled at 0.02 MPa-0.04 MPa. If the pressure is too high, it means that there is too much refrigerant in the refrigerator, and if the pressure is low, it means that there is less refrigerant and needs to be refilled.

b. Check the frosting condition. If all the frost in the refrigerator means that the R600A refrigerant is almost added. If it is only partially frosted, then the refrigerator has less refrigerant and needs to be recharged.

c. Touch

(1) Touch the temperature of the condenser. If the refrigerator R600A freon is added too much, the whole condenser will be hot, and too little will not be hot.

(2) Touch the low-pressure return trachea. If there is a cool feeling in the return trachea, it is normal. If the return trachea is frosted, there is too much freon in the refrigerator. If the return air pipe is not cool, it means that the refrigerator refrigerant is insufficient, and it needs to be refilled at this time.

(3) Touch the temperature of the filter and capillary. If the temperature of the filter drier is too high, it means that there is too much R600A refrigerant in the refrigerator. If there is a heat sensation, it is normal. If there is no heat, it means that the R600A refrigerant is insufficient.

3. Current measurement method

The current measurement method is to monitor the current with an ammeter. When the current reaches the rated current of the refrigerator, the refrigerant filling amount is normal. If it is too large, there will be too much refrigerant. If the current is small, the refrigerant is insufficient.


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