The Difference Between R410A Refrigerant and R134A Refrigerant

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Although both are environmentally friendly refrigerants used to replace R22 refrigerants, both refrigerants have their own characteristics. Let’s analyze the difference between R410A refrigerant and R134A refrigerant according to their different characteristics.

1. R134A refrigerant is a single component refrigerant, while R410A refrigerant is a mixed refrigerant. (The advantage of mixed refrigerants is that a refrigerant can be tailored according to the specific requirements of use, taking into account various properties such as flammability, capacity, discharge temperature, and efficacy.)

2. The capacity of R134A refrigerant is smaller than that of R22 refrigerant, and the pressure is also smaller than that of R22 refrigerant, so the same capacity R134A refrigerant air conditioner needs to be equipped with a compressor with a larger displacement, a larger evaporator, Condenser and piping. This ultimately results in a higher cost to manufacture and operate a system with the same cooling capacity as the R22 refrigerant, the R134A refrigerant system. The R410A refrigerant is not only higher in capacity and pressure than the R22 refrigerant, but also at 50% to 60% higher operating pressure. As a result of high pressure and high gas density, not only smaller displacement compressors, but also smaller diameter pipes and valves can be used. Therefore, the cost of using R410A refrigerant system is lower.


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