The Difference between Refrigerant R404A and R507

r404a vs r507

The refrigerant is the blood of the refrigeration system. It is a working substance that continuously circulates in the refrigeration system and changes its state to achieve refrigeration. The refrigerant absorbs the heat of the cooling medium (water or air, etc.) in the evaporator and vaporizes, and transfers the heat to the surrounding air or water in the condenser to condense.

Refrigerants R404A and R507 are both suitable for high and low temperature test chambers, constant temperature and humidity test chambers, thermal shock test chambers, and other equipment with low temperature refrigeration systems.

The difference between refrigerant R404A and R507

1. The refrigerant R404A is made up of R125/R143a/R134a (44%/52%/4%), and R507 is made up of R125/R143a at 50%/50%. From the composition of the composition, the three components of R404A already contain two components of R507. The ODP of the two refrigerants is 0, and neither will destroy the ozone layer.

2. The pressure of R404A and R507 is almost the same, and will not cause any impact on the system. You will find the system accessories used, especially the marking on the expansion valve indicates that R404A and R507 are shared.

3. R404A is a non-azeotropic mixture and must be charged in a liquid state, while R507 is an azeotropic mixture.

4. The presence of R134a in R404A increases the mass transfer resistance and reduces the heat transfer coefficient of the transfer chamber, while the heat transfer coefficient of R507 is higher than that of R404A. Judging from the current use results, the effect of R507 is indeed faster than that of R404A.

5. In terms of cost performance, R507 is 30–40% higher than R404A.

6. The performances of R404A and R507A are relatively close. The compressor power consumption of R404A is 2.86% higher than that of R507A, the discharge temperature of low pressure compressor is 0.58% higher than that of R507A, and the discharge temperature of high pressure compressor is 2.65% higher than that of R507A. The COP of R404A is 0.01 higher than that of R507A, and the intermediate temperature is 6.14% lower than that of R507A.

The Price of Refrigerant R404A and R507

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