Welding Torch

welding torch 801


  • Flexible with popular fuel gas on market, such as MAPP, MAP-pro, and Propane gas.
  • Pure copper body, easy to use, and corrosion resistant.
  • Good sealing, no leakage.
  • The head can be rotated 360 degrees.
  • The flame power is more concentrated and the welding quality is good.
welding torch 1
welding torch 801
welding torch
welding torch 3sv


Model FZM-1
Weight 319g
Material Stainless steel and brass
Thread CGA600
Size 158mm*296mm
Package 50 sets / case
Size of Box 52*35*37cm
Net Weight 20.47kg
Gross Weight 21.57kg
MOQ 100 sets

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