What is the Difference between R406A Refrigerant and R407C Refrigerant

difference between r406a refrigerant and r407c refrigerant

At present, there are many kinds of refrigerants, and many people have a vague concept of refrigerants with similar models, which leads to many problems in the process of purchasing and using them. In fact, even if the refrigerants are similar in type, there are some differences in the application process. Today, I will analyze the difference between R406A refrigerant and R407C refrigerant.

R406A refrigerant is a mixture of HCFC-22, HCFC-142b and R-600a. It is a colorless gas at room temperature. It is a colorless and transparent liquid under its own pressure. It is a substitute for R500 and R12. It is superior to R12 in terms of environmental protection, energy saving, and refrigeration capacity. It can directly replace R12, but the power consumption will increase by 18%.

R407C is a mixed refrigerant that does not damage the ozone layer. Since its performance is very close to HCFC-22, it is used as a long-term replacement for HCFC-22 in the field of refrigeration systems, used in various air conditioning systems and non-centrifugal refrigeration systems. R-407C is widely used in household air conditioners, small and medium-sized commercial home conditioners, passenger car air conditioners, train air conditioners, etc.

The compressor sucks in the lower pressure working medium vapor from the evaporator raises the pressure and sends it to the condenser. It is condensed into a liquid with higher pressure in the condenser, and after being throttled by a throttle valve, it becomes a liquid with lower pressure and is then sent to the evaporator. It absorbs heat and evaporates in the evaporator to become steam with lower pressure, and then it is sent to the inlet of the compressor to complete the refrigeration cycle.


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