Actively Promote Production and Development after the Epidemic

Actively Promote Production and Development after the Epidemic

Since February 15, 2020, Fonsum Refrigerant Co., LTD., has officially returned to normal work, the governments at all levels and relevant departments of the attention to attach importance to return to work work, many times visit the factory to the production resume work situation and epidemic prevention and control measures research, inquired about the return to work and production, epidemic prevention and control and so on are faced with the problem, the follow-up development for the company.

In order to implement the requirements of the municipal government to resume work and production, our company will carry out the epidemic prevention work. The majority of workers and cadres in good self-protection, strict implementation of wearing masks, temperature and other requirements, at the same time, fully committed to the role of work. In order to fulfill the factory orders and actively speed up production, all employees work overtime every day and keep fighting on the production front line. Actively solve customer product needs, for customers to resume production, seize the market opportunities to win the opportunity.

During the critical period of the spread of the epidemic, Fonsum bravely assumed its social responsibilities. Represented by general manager Wang Ansheng, Fonsum has repeatedly joined in the donation of materials to the staff and volunteers working on the front line of the epidemic prevention and control, making a contribution to the fight against the epidemic.

No winter is insurmountable. We firmly believe that the Chinese people, united as one, will win the battle against the epidemic.


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