Henan Province Expert Group Visits Fonsum Refrigerant’s Plant

Henan Province Expert Group Visits Fonsum Refrigerant's Plant

The expert group and his party came to our company’s factory to provide work guidance for our company’s project construction, product production and sales. The Fonsum refrigerant factory has always been recognized by customers with high-quality products and services. Five experts hope that our factory will not forget its original intention and continue to benefit customers.

Wang Ansheng, the general manager of our company, reported to the leaders the production and sales of the company’s products, and answered questions about the leaders’ concerns. Leaders fully affirmed the company’s current achievements and efforts, and understood in detail the problems and difficulties encountered by the company in its business and promotion process, and gave relevant opinions and suggestions to better promote the company development.

The evaluation and acceptance team fully affirmed our company’s work and achieved results. It is hoped that Fonsum Refrigerant Co., Ltd. will continuously improve the comprehensive strength of the enterprise in the future development, improve its position in the industry, and make greater contributions to the economic development of Minquan area and environmental protection refrigeration.


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