Applications of Three Popular Eco-Friendly Refrigerant


After recognizing the harm caused by freon to the human body and the environment, freon refrigerants on the market are gradually being replaced by environmentally friendly air-conditioning refrigerants. Different environmental protection refrigerants, how should customers choose? Three popular environmentally friendly refrigerants are introduced below.

Refrigerant R32

The ODP of R32 refrigerant is 0 and the GWP is 675. In 2012, a Japanese air conditioner company took the lead in launching R32 environmentally friendly refrigerant air conditioner. The thermodynamic performance of R32 is similar to that of R410A, the filling volume is 70% of that of R410A, and the cooling capacity of the system is higher than that of R410A. However, the GWP value is too high, and the popularity needs to be improved.

Refrigerant R290

The ODP of R290 refrigerant is 0 and GWP<20, which is represented by China, Germany, Sweden and other countries. The latent heat of vaporization of R290 is about 2 times that of R22, and it has good material compatibility, which is compatible with the original system and lubricating oil. It has a relatively broad market in China, but there are still some problems in application.

Refrigerant R436C

The ODP of R436C refrigerant is 0 and GWP<3. It is developed and produced by Jiangsu Furuizhi. The density of R436C is only about 40% of that of R22, the cooling capacity per unit mass of refrigerant is larger, the cooling time of the equipment is shortened, and the basic electricity saving rate can reach 10%-36%. When replacing the working medium in the refrigeration system using R22, it can be directly charged without modification. At present, it is actively developing markets nationwide and overseas.

In terms of the scale of use, the R290 currently has a wider market range, but the R32 has a wider range of applications. However, R32 has problems such as a high GWP value. The GWP value of R436C is better than the two, and the power saving rate can reach 10%-36%. When choosing, it is necessary to compare multiple parties. Some products are widely used but have many problems, and some products have a small market but great potential. It is worthwhile to find a refrigerant that really suits your business situation.


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