The Characteristics of the Refrigerant in the Freezer

3.4kg r134a

Many freezer refrigerants have different characteristics. The biggest advantage of refrigerants is that they have zero damage potential to the ozone layer and can meet environmental protection requirements. On the other hand, refrigerants have small molecules, light molecular weight, strong permeability, very easy to absorb water, and are incompatible with mineral oils. Therefore, the amount of refrigerant requires higher cleanliness in the compressor.

Therefore, the amount of R134a refrigerant requires higher cleanliness in the compressor. Freezers that use R134a refrigerant at the same time must also use ester or new synthetic oil polyol lubricating oil. R134a is corrosive to metal parts, so special treatment has been done on the surface of the internal parts of the compressor of the fluorine-free machine. Moreover, the standard boiling point, freezing point, and latent heat of vaporization of R134a are higher, and its cooling capacity is about 10% lower than that of R12 refrigerant. At present, there is still an important maintenance guarantee problem in the use and promotion of fluorine-free cabinets. Due to the lagging market, not only the special refrigerants, refrigeration oil, lubricating oil, drying filters, and compressor accessories few and expensive, but also fluorine-free has high requirements for maintenance equipment and processes.

The fluorine-free machine using R134a refrigeration has higher requirements for oil, water, impurities, etc. in the system pipeline, which is its weakness. At the same time, its requirements for special sealing materials, drying treatment, and maintenance tools are also incompetent with the technical equipment of general maintenance shops. It is undeniable that R134a refrigerant is still an ideal substitute at present. However, in the near future, a refrigerant that has neither pollution nor negative effects and can replace R134a in all directions will be developed.


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