Charging Method of Air Conditioner R407C Refrigerant

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As a non-azeotropic mixture, the air conditioner R407C refrigerant will change its composition when it is charged, leaked, blocked, or improperly managed, which will inevitably affect the performance of the system. Here are a few filling methods for you.

The general R407C refrigerant cylinder structure has two charging ports. One is the direct charging port, which has a pipe that goes straight to the bottom but cannot reach the bottom, preventing impurities from entering the system with the refrigerant when the vertical refrigerant bottle is charged. The other is a short filling port, which extends into a certain distance at the top of the refrigerant bottle to prevent impurities and refrigerant from entering the system when the inverted refrigerant bottle is filled.

1. Horizontal charging method of air conditioner R407C refrigerant

When charging the R407C refrigerant bottle horizontally, use a shorter charging port instead of a straight one. R407 refrigerant enters the system directly from the short charge port. Due to the gravity of the R407 refrigerant, the horizontal charging speed is faster, but there is a certain amount left in the bottle that cannot be charged. When filling with this method, the short filling port must be closest to the ground and cannot be above the filling port.

2. Inclined charging method of air conditioner R407C refrigerant

When the refrigerant bottle is tilted and charged (30~45°C with the ground), a short charging port should also be used. Because the liquid R407C refrigerant enters the system directly from the short charging port; if the direct charging port is used, the refrigerant is charged in a liquid state when the bottle is full, and when the refrigerant is lower than the inner tube of the direct charging port, the refrigerant is discharged in a gaseous state. Due to the gravity of the refrigerant itself, the inclined charging speed is fast, and the refrigerant in the bottle can be basically filled. The impurities in the bottle sink at the corner of the bottle mouth will not be brought into the system, but certain tools are required for hoisting. This method is recommended for charging.


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