Maintenance Precautions for R32 Refrigerant


Several maintenance precautions for R32 refrigerant are as follows:

1. Maintenance site

Smoking is strictly prohibited during maintenance. Fire or heat sources are strictly prohibited in the operating area within two meters. It is strictly forbidden to maintain while smoking.

2. Precautions for maintenance of R32 internal machine pipeline

The indoor side connecting pipe of the R32 split unit cannot be disassembled, so when the indoor unit system needs to be returned to a professional outlet for maintenance, the anti-disassembly nut must be destroyed. Use a cutter to cut the large and small connecting pipes 15-20 mm away from the anti-removal nut. Weld a new tamper-resistant nut fitting on the connecting tube.

3. Refrigerant recovery

It is strictly forbidden to determine the time to close the large valve, disassemble the outdoor unit or move the unit to recover the refrigerant based on experience. The recovery time is greatly affected by the operating frequency of the whole machine, the operating wind speed, and the climate. It is difficult to judge the time when the refrigerant is completely recovered by experience. When the system is under negative pressure, there is leakage on the low-pressure side, and air will be sucked in, which has a great safety hazard.

The correct operation method should be connected to the pressure gauge, and the time to close the large valve should be determined according to the pressure.

4. Check the hose

After tightening each hose, check the tightness of each connection point to ensure a good seal

5. Welding

Strictly implement the welding operation specification and correct operation method. Use pressure vessels that comply with national regulations. Complying with chemical industry standards, welding must meet the distance between oxygen and combustible gas ≥ 5 meters, and the hot point of ≥ 10 meters.

6. Adding refrigerant

  1. It is strictly forbidden to add refrigerant by feeling. At this time, the high pressure rises and the low pressure becomes negative pressure. The system has the hidden danger of inhaling air, and the temperature of the compressor shell rises.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to unplug the external fan or fully cover the condenser to check for blockage and leakage. It is required to use quantitative additional refrigerant to charge.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to use inferior refrigerant or fake refrigerant.


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