Comparison of Commonly Used Refrigerants for Air Conditioning

commonly used refrigerants for air conditioning

The current home air conditioners are used to replace R22 refrigerants, basically only R410a and R32 refrigerants. Today we conduct a simple comparative analysis of the characteristics of R22, R410a, and R32 air conditioner refrigerants.

1. Thermophysical properties: R32 refrigerant charge can be reduced, only 0.71 times that of R410a. The working pressure of the R32 system is higher than that of the R410a, but not more than 2.6%, which is equivalent to the pressure requirements of the R410A system. At the same time, the exhaust temperature of the R32 system is 35.3°C higher than that of the R410A.

2. Environmental protection characteristics: The ODP value (Ozone Depleting Potential) of R410a and R32 refrigerants are both 0, but the GWP value (Global Warming Potential) of R32 is moderate, and the CO2 emission reduction ratio can reach 77.6% compared with R22. The R410a is only 2.5%, which is significantly better than the R410a in terms of CO2 emission reduction.

3. Safety: R32 refrigerant and R410a refrigerant are non-toxic, while R32 is flammable. But among several substitutes of R22, R32, R290, R161, and R1234YF, the lower flammability limit (lower ignition limit) of R32 is high. As far as these refrigerants are concerned, R32 is not easy to burn.

4. Cycle performance: In terms of theoretical cycle performance, the cooling capacity of the R32 system is 12.6% higher than that of the R410a, the power consumption is increased by 8.1%, and the comprehensive energy saving is 4.3%. The experimental results also show that the energy efficiency ratio of the refrigeration system using R32 is slightly higher than that of R410a.


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