Fonsum Attend China Cold Expo 2019

China Cold Expo 2019

This time, our company participated in the northwest refrigeration elite association, with the theme of this meeting “refrigeration new retail” as the leading, for customers to bring the greatest strength of preferential activities, as well as agent support policies.

At the activity site, our company brought the main refrigerant R22, R134a, R404, R410, etc.For the site customer super preferential price, all products cost price factory, site have to buy have to send, event price only on the day of the meeting.

Customers in the northwest market have shown great interest in our company’s new environmental refrigerant and have given great recognition to our company’s strength.We hope to strengthen cooperation with our company in the next step.

In the afternoon, each exhibitor made a detailed explanation of their own company, products and application fields.Improved customer’s understanding of product knowledge.

In this northwest refrigeration association, our company’s refrigerant has been unanimously recognized by the majority of customers and won the honor of “welcome refrigerant in northwest refrigeration industry market”. I hope that in the future, Fonsum can join hands with the vast number of customers and friends to seek common development and common progress!


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