Difference Between Refrigerant R134a And R22

r22 refrigerant can be replaced by r410a

The application characteristics of R134a refrigerant are different from that of R22 refrigerant.

It is very difficult to choose a suitable refrigerant substitute. Many factors must be considered and comprehensive evaluation must be carried out, which not only meet the requirements of ozone depleting potential value (ODP), global warming potential value (GWP), but also consider the thermal performance, toxicity, flammability, compatibility, investment and operating cost, etc.The application characteristics of R134a and R22 are analyzed as follows:

  1. The global warming potential value (GWP) of R134a is 0.25 and R22 is 0.36, both of which are greenhouse gases.
  2. The ozone depleting potential value (ODP) of R134a is 0 and R22 is 0.06, which is the reason why R134a becomes an environmentally friendly refrigerant.
  3. The specific capacity of R134a is 1.47 times that of R22, and the latent heat of evaporation is small. Therefore, the freezing capacity of R134a unit is only 60% of that of R22 unit.According to the price of unit refrigerating capacity, the price of R22 unit is about 60% of that of R134a unit.
  4. The heat conductivity of R134a is 10% lower than that of R22, so the heat exchanger of R134a unit needs a larger heat transfer area.
  5. R134a has strong water absorption, which is 20 times that of R22. Therefore, higher requirements are required for the dryer in the unit system to avoid ice blocking.
  6. R134a has a stronger swelling effect on rubber substances than R22, and the refrigerant leakage rate is higher in actual operation.In addition, the corrosion of copper is strong, the use of the process will occur “copper plating phenomenon”, so the system must add additives.
  7. The R134a system needs special compressors and special lipid lubricants, which are inferior to the mineral oil used in the R22 system in terms of the stability of system performance due to their high water absorption, high foaming and high dispersibility.
  8. The price of HFCs refrigerants such as R134a and its special lipid oils is higher than that of R22, and the operation and maintenance cost of the equipment is higher.

HFCs called environmental protection refrigerants of other refrigerant R410A, R440A, R407C, although in terms of efficiency is superior to everything, but there is also work pressure is too high, the piping components optimization and high pressure requirements, must improve the heat exchanger and the unit design, investment, operation maintenance cost higher shortcomings, in terms of the application of large refrigeration unit at this stage is not adapt to our country’s basic national conditions, this is the international convention for the ease of use fixed number of year of HCFCs in developing countries, is also a result of collective effort for developing countries.


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