Introduction of R1233zd Refrigerant

r1233zd refrigerant

R1233zd refrigerant is the fourth generation HFO refrigerant product developed by Honeywell.

Introduction of R1233zd refrigerant

R1233zd refrigerant (LBA, trans 1-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene, chlorotrifluoropropene (trans), trifluorochloropropene, HFO-1233zd, ClTFP) is the fourth generation of HFO products. It has excellent properties such as low toxicity, low GWP, zero ODP, and non-flammability. It can be used as a refrigerant, and can also be used as a physical foaming agent to provide better thermal insulation materials for polyurethane rigid foam and other applications.

Application of R1233zd Refrigerant

Refrigerant R1233zd is a high-performance, low-global-warming-potential, non-flammable liquid blowing agent that can be used in most polyurethane foams, including appliances, commercial refrigeration, building panels and doors, and spray foam, among others.

Storage and transportation of R1233zd refrigerant

R1233zd refrigerant steel cylinders are pressurized containers, and should be kept away from fire, heat sources, and direct sunlight during storage, and usually stored in a cool, dry, and ventilated warehouse. When handling, it should be loaded and unloaded lightly to prevent damage to cylinders, valves and other accessories.

Advantages of R1233zd refrigerant

R1233zd refrigerant is a long-term sustainable solution for chillers and can be used in centrifugal chillers, high-temperature heat pumps, organic Rankine cycles, etc. R1233zd(E) is compatible with mineral oil, POE, or PVE refrigeration lubricants.


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