R134A Refrigerant

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R134a, a new environmental protection refrigerant with good comprehensive performance, is an effective safe replacement for R12 in car AC systems and coolers. It is a colorless gas with a slight ether odor at normal temperature and pressure.

Applications: Refrigerators, freezers, water dispensers, auto air conditioning, central air-conditioning, dehumidifier, cold storage, commercial refrigeration, ice water machine, ice cream machine, refrigeration condensing units, refrigeration equipment, at the same time also can be used in applications that require a propellant. R134a is also a common element in many HFC blended refrigerants.

Physical Property

Molecular Formula CH2FCF3
Molecular Weight 102.03
Liquid density(30℃) 1.207g/cm³
Boiling Point(℃) -26.1℃
Critical temperature 101.1℃
Critical pressure 4.067Mpa
Critical density 0.512g/cm³
Vapor pressure(25℃) 0.665Mpa
Evaporation potential at B.P. 215.0KJ/Kg
Ozonosphere Damage Potency-ODP 0
Global Warming Potency-GWP 1300

Quality Standard

Appearancenon-color, no sediment
Odorslight ether
Residue on evaporation≦0.005%

Packing Information

Packing Type Net Weight
30LB Disposable Cylinder 13.6kg
926L Refillable Cylinder 950kg
ISO-Tank 20000kg
※Neutral package and customized logo and design on mass production are available.

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