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R410A Refrigerant

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R410A, composed of R32 and R125, 50% each, mainly consists of hydrogen, fluorine, and carbon (expressed as HFC). It is stable, non-toxic, and has excellent refrigeration (heating) performance. Besides, it doesn’t contain chlorine, no hazard to the ozone layer.

As a medium and high-temperature refrigerant widely used today, R410A is mainly used in household air conditioning, small and medium-sized commercial air conditioning (small and medium-sized unit air conditioning, household central air conditioning, VRF), mobile air conditioning, dehumidifier, refrigerated dryer, Marine refrigeration equipment, industrial refrigeration, and other refrigeration equipment.

R410A is the best to replace freon R22 in newly installed refrigeration equipment.

Physical Property

Molecular Formula CH2F2 / CHF2CF3
Molecular Weight 72.58
Liquid density(30℃) 1.038g/cm³
Boiling Point(℃) -51.6℃
Critical temperature 72.5℃
Critical pressure 4.95Mpa
Solubility in water(25℃)% 0.15%
Specific heat of liquid(25℃) 1.78KJ/(kg·℃)
Ozonosphere Damage Potency-ODP 0
Global Warming Potency-GWP 2000

Quality Standard

Appearancenon-color, no sediment
Odorslight ether
Residue on evaporation≦0.01%

Packing Information

Packing Type Net Weight
Disposable Cylinder 11.3kg
Refillable Cylinder 750kg
ISO-Tank 14000kg
※Neutral package and customized logo and design on mass production are available.

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