R290 Refrigerant gas

r290 netural


R290 refrigerant gas, also called refrigeration grade propane, is increasingly used due to its low environmental impact and higher refrigeration efficiency. R290 refrigerant is a kind of natural refrigerant gas. High pure grade R290  can be used in refrigeration industry, such as chiller systems, freezer, vending, cold storage, AC systems, heating pumps, and water heaters. It can replace R22, R404, and R134a refrigerant gas for certain applications due to 0 ODP and lower GWP, which is more environmentally-friendly.

R290 is classified under UN No. 1978 Propane. The purity of R290 refrigerant gas produced by Fonsum can reach 99.9%. Fonsum Refrigerant gas is committed to supplying HIGH PURE refrigerant only.

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Physical Property

Molecular Formula C3H8
Molecular Weight 44.1
Liquid density(30℃) 0.49g/cm³
Boiling Point(℃) -42.2℃
Critical temperature 96.67℃
Critical pressure 4.24Mpa
Vapor pressure(25℃) 0.94Mpa
Evaporation potential at B.P. 233KJ/Kg
Ozonosphere Damage Potency (ODP) 0
Global Warming Potency (GWP) 3.3

Quality Standard

Appearancenon-color, no sediment
Residue on evaporation≦0.01%

Packing Information

Packing Type Specificaitons
Can 200g/400g
Disposable Cylinder 5kg/10kg
Refillable Cylinder 926L
ISO-Tank 10T
※Neutral package and customized logo and design on mass production are available.

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