R410A Refrigerant Characteristics and Precautions

air conditioner charging with r410a refrigerant is more environmentally friendly

As we all know, R410A refrigerant is one of the most popular environmental refrigerants to replace R22 refrigerant. Let’s learn about the characteristics of R410A refrigerant and some matters to be noted when using it.

  1. Pressure: Since the pressure of R410A refrigerant is 1.6 times that of R22 refrigerant, the air-conditioning system using R410A refrigerant system must use tools.
  2. Chemical properties: Although R410A refrigerant is a refrigerant with high chemical stability, non-combustible and low toxicity, if R410A refrigerant leaks in a sealed room, it will accumulate at the bottom of the room and cause hypoxia. At this time, if exposed to an open fire, it will also produce toxic substances. Therefore, air conditioners using R410A environmental refrigerant must be installed in a place with good ventilation, and R410A refrigerant must be recovered by special refrigerant recovery equipment.
  3. Composition: R410A refrigerant is an environmentally friendly refrigerant made from a mixture of two substances.When charging, the evaporation conditions of the two refrigerants at the same pressure and temperature will be different, so it is necessary to ensure that the refrigerant R410A charged into the system is in the liquid state.


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