Refrigerants Are Actually “Toxic”

Refrigerants Are Actually Toxic

With the improvement of living standards, almost every household is equipped with air conditioners at present, but there is not much understanding of the interior of air conditioners. Only know that air conditioners are not cooled, that is, they lack fluorine, and the working principle and use of air conditioners What is the difference between the type of refrigerant and the other models. In fact, the air conditioning refrigerant is mainly air conditioning refrigerant inside the air conditioner, air conditioning refrigerant is actually the same as the refrigerator refrigerant, today, I will tell you about the type of air conditioning refrigerant, and what kind of characteristics of air conditioning refrigerant.

Air Conditioning Refrigerant Types

The refrigerants widely used in compression refrigerants are ammonia, freon, and hydrocarbons. According to the chemical composition, refrigerants can be divided into five categories: Inorganic compound refrigerant, Freon, saturated hydrocarbon refrigerant, unsaturated hydrocarbon refrigerant, and azeotrope refrigerant. According to the condensing pressure, the refrigerant can be divided into three categories: High temperature (low pressure) refrigerant, medium temperature (medium pressure) refrigerant, and low temperature (high pressure) refrigerant. Commonly used Freon refrigerants are R12, R22, R502, and R1341a, as other types of refrigerants have now been deactivated or disabled. Freon 12 (CF2CL2, R12) used to ba one of the most widely used Freon refrigerants.


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