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The R507 refrigerant is a long-term alternative to R502, with an ODP value of zero. The refrigerating capacity and efficiency of R507 refrigerant are very close to that of R502, and it has excellent heat transfer performance and low toxicity. Therefore, R507 is more suitable for medium-low temperature refrigeration applications than any other known alternative to R502.

R507 can reach a lower temperature than R404A. It is suitable for new commercial refrigeration equipment of medium and low temperature (supermarket refrigeration cabinets, cold storage, display, and display cabinets, transportation), ice-making equipment, transportation refrigeration equipment, Marine refrigeration equipment, or updated equipment.

Physical Property

Molecular Formula CHF2CF3 / CF3CH3
Molecular Weight 98.9
Liquid density(30℃) 1.048g/cm³
Boiling Point(℃) -47.1℃
Critical temperature 70.9℃
Critical pressure 3.79Mpa
Vapor pressure(25℃) 1.174Mpa
Specific heat of liquid(25℃) 1.47KJ/(kg·℃)
Ozonosphere Damage Potency-ODP 0
Global Warming Potency-GWP 3895

Quality Standard

Appearancenon-color, no sediment
Odorslight ether
Residue on evaporation≦0.01%

Packing Information

Packing Type Net Weight
Disposable Cylinder 11.3kg
Refillable Cylinder 750kg
ISO-Tank 14000kg
※Neutral package and customized logo and design on mass production are available.

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