Serious Harm of Insufficient Refrigerant to Refrigeration System

serious harm of insufficient refrigerant to refrigeration system

For the refrigeration system of the chiller, as long as it is installed correctly and there is no leakage at the pipe connections, the system can operate effectively for a long time without supplementing the refrigerant. But if there is a refrigerant leak in the chiller, we should first try to find the leak, then solve the leak, and finally, replenish the refrigerant. So how should we judge whether the refrigerant charge is insufficient? What is the harm to the chiller refrigeration system when the refrigerant is insufficient?

Reasons for insufficient refrigerant

1. The newly installed chiller is not charged with refrigerant as required.​​

2. The air tightness of the system is not good, resulting in refrigerant leakage.​​

3. Improper operation and maintenance may cause refrigerant leakage.​​

Influence of insufficient refrigerant charge on the chiller

1. If the suction pressure and discharge pressure of the compressor are lower than normal values, it is necessary to check whether it is due to insufficient refrigerant charge.​​

2. In the case of insufficient refrigerant charge, the compressor will run under no rated load, resulting in light load or even idling of the chiller. At this time, the current is lower than the rated current.​​

3. Insufficient refrigerant charging will also reduce the evaporation in the evaporator, which will lead to a poor cooling effect on the unit, and the room temperature or storage temperature will drop slowly or not cool down.​​

4. If you see that the thermal expansion valve of the chiller does not form frost, there is little frost. There is no condensation, and little or no condensed water, and it may also be that the refrigerant is insufficiently charged.​​

5. If it is little or no frost on the evaporator of the chiller, or no condensation or little or no condensed water in the air conditioning condition, the refrigerant is also insufficiently charged.

When the refrigerant is insufficient in the chiller, we should conduct a strict and careful inspection of the entire refrigeration system to determine the specific cause or the location of the leak, so as to eliminate the fault and replenish the refrigerant according to the regulations to restore the chiller to normal operation.


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