World Refrigeration Day – Cooling Matters


June 26 is the third “World Refrigeration Day”, and this year’s theme is “Cooling Matters”, so how important is refrigeration technology? What are the key roles played in modern life?

Every day, around 5 billion refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump systems are in operation around the world. These systems have penetrated into all aspects of our lives, from standard refrigerators and air conditioners in summer, to refrigeration equipment required in convenience stores, pharmacies, supermarkets, and shopping malls, to necessary heating equipment in winter, all of which are inseparable from refrigeration technology.

However, while we enjoy the comfort and convenience that refrigeration technology brings to our daily lives, our blue planet is gradually warming. To solve this problem, sustainable cooling is essential. So, how to minimize energy consumption and improve energy efficiency while cooling down?

Of course, it uses HFO environmentally friendly refrigerant with low GWP + high system efficiency!

When it comes to HFO environmentally friendly refrigerants, everyone may think that it has a very low global warming potential (GWP). In fact, its system efficiency is also very high. Refrigerant system efficiency has a large impact on climate change because it determines the electricity consumption of cooling and heating equipment. The higher the system efficiency, the lower the power consumption. Lower electricity consumption means lower operating costs and overall emissions, and more environmentally friendly.

In recent years, heat pump technology, commercial refrigeration, transport refrigeration and chiller refrigeration have become increasingly energy efficient. HFO refrigerants play a vital role in the transition to systems with a lower environmental impact in these applications.

As enterprises actively take measures to reduce carbon emissions, Fonsum refrigerants will help enterprises achieve a balance between performance and environmental sustainability, provide enterprises with environmentally friendly, economical and efficient refrigeration solutions, and help enterprises achieve sustainable development. In the future, Fonsum will continue to develop new products and expand production capacity to meet the growing global demand for low GWP refrigeration solutions.


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