5 Benefits of R600a refrigerant

As a refrigeration equipment manufacturer, what we should not ignore is choosing the right type of refrigerant for our cooling system. Dating from the history of refrigerants, we find that people are always seeking a kind of refrigerant that is both eco-friendly and affordable. To meet the requirements, R600a refrigerant, a kind of hydrocarbon substance is being taken into consideration, More and more refrigerators, chest freezers, and water dispensers are using R600a in their cooling system. In the article, we are going to see the benefits of R600a refrigerant.


1. Less impact on the environment

R600a is a hydrocarbon refrigerant that contains only carbon and hydrogen atoms. It is a natural refrigerant that is extracted from crude oil and natural gas. This refrigerant has been popular in America,Europe and Asia for many years due to its eco-friendly properties. As we know, Traditional refrigerants such as HCFCs like R12 and R22 and HFCs like R134a, R404a, and R410 have been found to have negative effects on the environment, including contributing to the depletion of the ozone layer and greenhouse gas emissions. Comparatively, R600a is a more eco-friendly option, that is because it has a very low global warming potential (GWP) of only 3, which is a very low impact on the environment compared to traditional refrigerants. In addition, R600a is a natural refrigerant that does not contain any ozone-depleting substances. The ODP is 0.

2. Lower noise made by the compressors

Usually, the less the working pressure of refrigerants is, the lower the noise the compressor makes.The working pressure of R600a is -0.01Mpa, It is lower than 0.08Mpa of R12, 0.03Mpa of R134a, and 0.03Mpa of R22. only R600a has negative pressure, so the noise of the R600a compressor is the lowest among the compressors using the above refrigerants. R600a effectively decreases noise pollution. The more peaceful environment that it creates is what the customers like.

3. Lower price than other refrigerants

As I mentioned, R600a is extracted from crude oil and natural gas, the production cost is lower than traditional refrigerant. it needn’t extract raw material from minerals. On the other hand, the distance between the supplier of refrigerants and the oil fields is a vital factor in price. If the supplier is near the oil field, it can save a big amount of transportation charges. Like us, Henan Fonsum refrigerant Co.,ltd, is near Zhongyuan oil field, one of the leading oil fields in china, which makes R600a price competitive in the market.

4. Lower refrigerant charge

R600a has a high latent heat of evaporation and a low liquid density, which greatly reduces the filling amount in the cooling system. For example, R12 is used as the refrigerant in a refrigerator, and the filling amount is 95g, while R600a is used as the refrigerant, and the filling amount is 47g, reducing the filling amount by 50%.

5. No need the special materials for R600a working

R600a doesn’t need special materials for the cooling system, I can work very well in the cooling system.


In conclusion, the R600a refrigerant is an eco-friendly option for refrigerators and freezers manufacturers who are looking to reduce environmental impact.


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