Is R600a a good refrigerant

R600a (isobutane) was used as refrigerant gas for some small refrigeration equipment in 1920-1930, however, due to flammability and other reasons, It was replaced by freon refrigerant. 

But in recent years, in consideration of environmental protection, R600a, as a sort of environmentally-friendly refrigerant, has been taken into consideration in the refrigeration industry once again. More and more people advocate R600a as a permanent substitute for CFCs and HFCs refrigerant.


R600a is environmentally-friendly

As we know, the greenhouse effect,ozone depletion and acid rain are three major environmental hazards. Refrigerant containing chlorine or bromine atoms is harmful to the ozone layer, it is called ozone  depletion substances, known as ODS. The green house effect is called Global Warming Potential, e.g GWP.

There is no chlorine atom in the molecular formula of R600a, only hydrocarbon element, therefore, R600a is used as natural refrigerant, The ODP (Ozone depletion potency) is 0, the GWP (Global warming potency) is 11, so we can say that R600a is an environment-friendly refrigerant.

R600a is safe

The toxicity of R600a is very low, the TLVs indicator is 1000.

TLVs indicators show that human beings contact with refrigerant for a long time without adverse reaction, if the value is 1000 or more, the refrigerant R600a can be considered non-toxic

but it is a flammable and explosive gas. There is a potential danger of combustion and explosion in case of open fire when the refrigerant leaks, the traditional leak detector can not be used for leak detection of R600a, it needs to use R600a special leak detector.

 it must be operated by professionals. In addition, a fridge is charged with R600a around 50g, the charging volume is low. R600a is safe.

The Compatibility of R600a is better

R600a has good compatibility with mineral lubricants, metal components, compressors, and other insulating materials. It is not compatible with natural rubber and silicone rubber; In addition, R600a has poor solubility with water, which is beneficial to the refrigeration system, To prevent “ice blockage”,  dehydration is required highly. 


According to the above three aspects, we know that R600a is a good refrigerant.


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