Hydrocarbon Refrigerant




Cyclopentane can be used as a foaming agent to replace CFCS, which is widely used in insulation materials for refrigerators and freezers and as a foaming agent for other rigid PU foams; as a solvent for solution polymerization such as polyisoprene rubber, and as a solvent for cellulose ether, Substitute freon for heat preservation materials of refrigerators and freezers and other hard PU foam foaming agents, chromatographic analysis standard substances. Cyclopentane can replace freon and is widely used as a heat preservation material for refrigerators and freezers and as a blowing agent for other rigid PU foams.

Cyclopentane will become the protagonist of the polyurethane foaming field.

Physical Property

Molecular Formula C5H10
Molecular Weight 70.08
Density(25℃) 0.745g/cm³
Boiling Point(℃) 49.3℃
Flash Point -42
Critical pressure 4.24Mpa
Ignition Temperature 361℃

Packing Information

Packing Type Specificaitons
Steel Drum 148KG
ISO-Tank 16500KG
※Neutral package and customized logo and design on mass production are available.

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