Introduction of Butane R600 Refrigerant

r600 refrigerant

R600 refrigerant, butane, is a hydrocarbon refrigerant. In addition to being directly used as a fuel, R600 is also used as a solvent, a refrigerant, and a raw material for organic synthesis. The critical volume is 225cm3/mol. It is insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol, ether, chloroform and other hydrocarbons.

Introduction of R600 Refrigerant

R600 refrigerant is a hydrocarbon refrigerant, which does not damage the ozone layer at all, and has a very small greenhouse effect. It is indeed the most environmentally friendly refrigerant today. From the perspective of environmental protection, almost all countries in the world have no restrictions on the initial installation of R600 refrigerant on new refrigeration equipment and the use of after-sales maintenance.

R600 is rarely used as a refrigerant alone, usually as a component of a mixed refrigerant. R600 is compatible with conventional lubricants.

R600 is a colorless flammable gas. It forms an explosive mixture with air, and the explosion limit is 1.8%-8.4%.

Physical parameters of R600 refrigerant

Appearance Colorless
Density (101.3kPa, 25°C) 2.4553kg/m³
Boiling Point (101.3kPa) -0.5°C
Melting Point -138.35°C
Critical Temperature 152.01°C
Critical Pressure 3.797MPa
Ozonosphere Damage Potency (ODP) 0
Global Warming Potency (GWP) 4


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